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The day after the day after

Online since 2 days: Evil Heisenbugs infest Data Dealer Beta

Quick update: We have now reached around 250 active games, and have sadly also come across several bugs in the last couple of days. 20 of them are minor, 5 are medium, and one is a real biggie: Some users are unable to finish missions, they cannot progress in the game and are consequently stuck. We call these occurrences „Heisenbugs“ because we have not yet been able to reproduce them. As soon as we look, they disappear. Very annoying!

Many THX for all the enthusiastic help from the affected users in hunting out the bugs & apologies to everyone else. This only affects 20 out of 250 users, but it’s very complex stuff and as long as we don’t understand what is happening in our database (our REAL database) and manage to fix it, we have to postpone sending out any further invites.

Sorrysorry, since the Beta went online we’ve been working non-stop on support and debugging, and with a couple hundred users more our inboxes and task lists would explode...we’ll let you know as soon as we fixed this issue, and for the time being ask for your understanding.

All Data Dealer Beta - all background info here.

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