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Quick update

Data Dealer Closed Beta: 3000 invites sent out, more than 1000 active games, and worst bugs defeated. Hell Yeah.

A little over a week ago we put the Beta Version of Data Dealer online. And it's been pretty busy since then: Sending out lots of invites and receiving great feedback. A lot of praise, suggestions and ideas – along with quite a few bug reports. In the last days we've answered more than 400 of your responses.

Thanks to your help we've already fixed some of the more serious bugs, but there's still a few left which will be dealt with soon. Anyway – many, many thanks for your awesome support!

For now, we need to slow down a little, what with the holidays coming up – and we really need a short break. The game will keep running of course, and your empires are hopefully looking good already!

If you're signing up for an Invite Link – please be patient. We'll send them out every few days over the next weeks.

Find further info on the Beta here, for example some new FAQ entries on:

  • When loading the game, it freezes
  • Help, I'm not getting any new missions?
  • Help, some of my timers got stuck?
  • Can I restart the game?
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