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Bugfixes, we haz them!

Closed beta of Data Dealer has been online for nearly a month. Today, we're happy to announce a major bugfix release.

First of all we need to thank you, worldwide Beta players! You truly showed pretty remarkable testing skills and sent us some amazing feedback.
Not only have your numerous bug reports made it possible to fix quite a bunch of issues and problems, but you've inspired us a lot in planning further improvements. Thanks again!

We're happy to announce an improved release of the Data Dealer Beta! Go try it right now - just log in to the game and make sure you're running the latest version. The browser's tab title provides some information on the version you're playing. If it reads "Data Dealer Closed Beta (Build 4abe81c 2014-01-09T13:30:03)", you're all set! Else, if you see an older build, try refreshing the page, that should re-validate the cached files. If this still did not help, try cleaning the cache of your browser and reload the game page.

Most notable bugfixes in the latest build include:

  • Thumbs up on your in-game image: some players encountered problems buying Image Improvements despite having enough cash to afford it.
  • Numerous fixes for all those of you who encountered a bug preventing them to load the game and got stuck at the 100% loading screen.
  • Players now can log in using their e-mail addresses
  • Fixed some errors and inconsistencies with in-game energy handling
  • That also means we finally got hold of the "magical energy replenishment bug" on game reloads that occurred after playing a while. ;)

Further info on the Beta can be found here, including a FAQ

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